TopReasons Why Organic Skincare Products Are Better

Theskin is the largest organ of the body, and many people are not awarethat 60% of the product that we rub on it, including our face,absorbs past our skin and into our bloodstream. From there, ittravels through our entire body. Non-organic products contain harmfulingredients that can cause cancer. If you are still a user ofnon-organic skincare products, it’s time to reconsider. Read on tolearn why organic skincare products are better for you.

Organic skincare products are made of naturalingredients

Organicproducts are grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides,genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other chemicals. They arederived from plants and other natural ingredients. You can be sureyour body and skin are absorbing only natural, non-harmfulingredients.

Organic skincare products are non-allergenic

Organicproducts are less likely to cause allergies, irritations, orinflammations because they don’t contain harsh chemicals. If anallergic reaction does appear, it’s most likely because of naturalingredients such as peanuts or strawberries.

Organic skincare products work better on yourskin

Upto 95% of organic skincare products’ contents are activeingredients. On the other hand, there’s only about 5 to 10% of theactive ingredient in synthetic skincare products. Besides that,organic skincare products give your skin much-needed minerals andnutrients to maintain their softness and glow.

You’re helping to preserve the environment

Asmentioned before, organic products are naturally grown and are freefrom pesticides and other harmful ingredients. Because of that, theydon’t leave a toxic footprint on the planet – soil, water, andair. When using organic skincare products, you are helping tominimize your environmental impact. You don’t have to worry abouttoxic chemicals going down the drain since there aren’t any.

Value for themoney

There’sa misconception that organic skincare products are more expensivethan non-organic ones. That is simply not true. Think of it likethis: junk food is very cheap, a way cheaper than organic food. But,isn’t it better to spend a couple of dollars on a few fresh organicbananas instead of one dollar for a huge greasy bag of chips? For afew extra dollars, your health is worth it!

Wehope these five reasons helped you understand the benefits of organicskincare products. Don’t hesitate to invest in your skincareproducts! You deserve only the best.