The benefits of organic protein powder


Best known for its use in the gym, protein powder is a powerful supplement designed to improve gastrointestinal function, promote weight loss and normalize appetite.
But, when it comes to the choice of which type of powder you are going to use, Cornucopia recommends organic plant-based powder, since the protein found in it is of higher quality than in animal-based protein powder. It’s minimally processed and dried naturally. There are no artificial ingredients. There are no chemicals. It’s no wonder we consider organic protein powder to be the best of the best, but we will still take the time to list out the benefits, so you can really gain insight into why switching to plant-based protein powder is a good idea. So, let’s begin.

Fewer side effects

Using organic protein powder tends to be well-tolerated gastro-intestinally when you compare it to whey protein, for example. People report mild stomach pain and increased gas or bloating after using whey protein. Other side effects vary from mild nausea, through fatigue, to even brain fog. You can bypass these side effects by using high-quality organic protein powder.

Helps Planet Earth

Choosing a plant-based protein has a positive effect on the environment. Not only does it require less land, water, and other resources to grow crops for organic powder, but plants are also biodegradable and create far less waste than animal protein.

Rich in fiber

Another great benefit of using an organic protein powder is that it is packed with fiber. Since plants contain large amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber, we get the benefit of properly working digestion and the full feeling we all want—especially when we’re dieting.

Balances pH levels

Yes – by switching to organic protein powder, you will help your body regulate and balance your pH levels. Plant-based protein helps you combat the acidity in your diet. Whether you completely switch your diet to fruit or veggies, or just add organic protein powder to your existing meat diet, your pH levels will thank you.

An abundance of minerals of vitamins
Organic protein powder is filled with antioxidants and other vitamins that you just won’t have the luck finding in animal-based powder.
Actually, try adding fruits and vegetables alongside the organic protein powder in your meals. We can’t recommend this enough since plant-based protein is such a quick and easy way to get the nutrients you need.


Not only does an organic protein powder offer many health benefits, but it’s also free of any artificial ingredients that can be found in other forms of protein powder. Since this type of protein goes easy on your stomach and additionally promotes weight-loss, you should consider abandoning the animal-based powders all together and enjoy all the benefits the organic protein powder has to offer instead.