You’ve finally decided to start your own Texan organic food garden!

Let’s go over a few questions that will certainly pop up, considering the Texas climate. How, what and when do we plant? When to water your organic garden? How do you harvest?

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

When talking about how you should be planting, both vegetables and cutting flowers should be grouped tightly in beds that you don’t walk on.What grouping allows us is the reduction of weeding and water waste,thus helping us target compost and nutrients. Don’t forget to leave some ample space between rows in order to promote air circulation,which, in turn, repels fungal attacks.

Since we want your San Marcos organic garden to flourish, we have to go over which vegetables and plants should be planted and when. In order to do that, we have to think about the Texas weather too.

Now,let’s see.

When it comes to cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), you should plant them directly into your organic food garden around mid-February. Doing the same applies with lettuce and spinach too.

If you want to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, it is recommended to start those indoors in mid-January. Then, around March 16, it’s time to start watching the San Marcos, Texas forecast. As soon as you see there is no frost, it’s time to transplant your own organic tomatoes into the ground.

Seeing as how we covered what food and when you should plant, it’s time to talk about watering them.

The very best time to water your organic garden is in the morning. Why?Well, watering them in the evening means that your veggies and food stay damp overnight, making them susceptible to fungal and bacterial disease. Furthermore, always water the roots – the greenery gets easily damaged.

Finally,we come to the harvest of your San Marcos organic garden.

The idea is simple – the more you harvest, the more food gets produced.Since we’ve mentioned broccoli above, we’ll take the time and provide you with a tip on harvesting them. You should wait until the broccoli’s head is as large as it will get and only then send buds off for flowering. Cutting it right above the leaf node means better production from the rest of the plant. When it comes to pulling them out, the very best thing you can do is cut them off with a sharp knife or scissors. Ripping them with your hands just causes more damage to the plant.

There,now you have all the information you need. What are you waiting for?Go on, it’s time to start your own organic food production!