Livingan organic lifestyle is the key to maintaining your overall holistichealth, but it's also very beneficial for your heart. There areseveral foods top-ranked for their beneficial properties to hearthealth. We've selected a couple of our favorites. Check them out!


Nutsare high in fiber, which is excellent for your heart, and vitamin E,which may lower 'bad' cholesterol. In addition, they are a greatsource of protein. Also, they are considered to aid in weight loss.Our favorite way to get a daily dose of nuts is to use it as a spreadon a toast with a delicious banana on top. Looking for quality,organic nut butter? Check out our store!


Pomegranatesare rich in antioxidants, which may prevent the hardening of thearteries. On top of that, drinking pomegranate juice can improve yourblood flow to the heart.


Oatsare packed with soluble fiber, which sponges up cholesterol in thedigestive tract before it can be absorbed. In addition, oat productssignificantly reduce cholesterol. If you like oats in the morning butdon't always fancy porridge, check out our selection of muesli andgranolas.

Whole grains

Asopposed to refined grains, whole grains include germ, endosperm, andbran. They're much higher in that all-important heart-helper fiber.For an easy whole-grain swap, switch out white bread for an organicone. If you are baking your own bread, use organic flour.

Flax and chia seeds

Flaxand chia seeds are brilliant for lowering cholesterols and reducingblood pressure. Both seeds are also packed with fiber, which is verygood for your heart health.

Leafy green veggies

Lastbut not least, leafy green veggies. They are known for their wealthof heart-helping vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, they area great source of vitamin K and dietary nitrates. Furthermore,they'll help keep your blood vessels in good working order.

That'sall, folks! We hope we gave you a little bit of insight into whatorganic food can do for your heart, and we hope we provided you withenough reasons to give us a visit to our Cornucopia store and beginyour organic journey as soon as possible. Do you eat with hearthealth in mind? If not, now it's time to start.