Grocery shopping canbe challenging even for the most organized and disciplined person.Since unhealthy foods lurk everywhere, you are in continuoustemptation with their charm. Hence, there's a real threat for you tofall off the health wagon.

A trip to your localgrocery store can result in two things - you'll either end up buyingchips, chocolates, and cookies or stock up your fridge withvegetables, dark green leaves, fruits, supplements, and healthyproteins.

At this point, agrocery list becomes essential to help you navigate the differentaisles and see to it that you stick to your healthy eating plans!Moreover, it's a perfect tool to minimize your shopping impulses andsave you tons of money, too! In that spirit, we prepare some tips onhow to shop with a healthy grocery list! Take out your notebooks!

First things first,never go hungry to buy your groceries! You'll end up buying all thisfood you don't really need. Plus, it will probably all be unhealthy.Okay, now that we have that understood, let's move on to the nextpoint. What to have on your list? 

Cereals andbreakfast foods

Avoid the ones withhigh sugar content and opt for organic, high fiber varieties thatwill provide you ample nutrition and also keep you full for longerhours. Instead, buy only whole-grain or multigrain cereals, steel-cutoatmeals, and whole-grain cereal bars.

Meats and otherpoultry

Organic skinlesschicken breasts, ground turkey, fresh salmon, trout, or any of yourfavorite seafood should definitely be in your cart! Also, don'tforget to add eggs!

Edible oils andother good fats

When it comes togood fats, you'll definitely need olives, olive oil, avocados,coconut oil, nuts, seeds, peanut butter... Those are some of your newbest friends! You could also add cashews and flaxseeds to your listand use them in your breakfast or simply as snacks.

Fruits and veggies

This depends on yourtaste, but keep in mind to always look for a variety of colorfulfruits and vegetables that are in season and are locally grown!

Dairy products

It's always best tochoose low-fat or no-fat versions of dairy products in your cart -organic or plant-based milk, to fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese.


Avoid soda and othersweet beverages. Opt instead for unsweetened seltzer, green tea,ginger tea, and unsweetened iced tea.

Was this listhelpful? Think of it next time you go to the store!