Having your breakfast on the go – quick breakfast ideas 


 It all starts with the stomach. Keeping our gut functioning at an optimal level is imperative for maintaining holistic health. 

 Most important meal of the day or not, jumpstarting your mornings with some healthy, nutritious, and filling foods will set you up for the rest of your day. 

 We know – the hectic lives we lead in this modern-day world of ours often makes us prone to skipping breakfast. Who’s got time for the thing we call breakfast nowadays? 

 To help you get the benefits of having breakfast every day without having to spend more than 10 minutes on it, we’ve prepared our favorite healthy breakfast ideas that you can grab and eat on the go. 

 Try any of the following ideas and prepare it either in the mornings, or the night before – all under 10 minutes. 

 Toast with toppings 

That piece of toast with just a dollop of jam on it isn’t going to cut it. It simply doesn’t make for a satisfying breakfast. Topping the piece of toast with all these different ingredients will not only complete your meal, it’s going to fill you up with all those precious healthy fats and proteins that will keep you full throughout the morning. 

What ingredients will you use to top it off with is completely up to you – your curiosity is the limit. 

If you take the time to ask us about our favorite toppings, we are sure you will hear us mention foods like Avocado, Banana, Organic Chia Seeds and Organic Peanut Butter as we answer your questions. 

In fact, since we always want to chat and helping you in your journey towards healthy living, we invite you to stop by at Cornucopia in San Marcos, Texas and we’ll help you navigate through the transition to unprocessed foods. 

Single-portion breakfast box

You’ll love the idea of this. Preparing these breakfast boxes will give you a certain amount of satisfaction. Just open your refrigerator and have your pick of the litter. Really, any organic ingredient will do. Prepare your mix of foods and put them in a container for a flavorsome meal that will make that trip to work all that much more bearable. 

Furthermore, taking a pinch of any herbal spice you’ve got lying around the kitchen and sprinkling it on the breakfast box will additionally make your mornings that more colorful and brighter. Our advice is to go for rosemary & garlic mushrooms. 

You can even incorporate your left overs from dinner. 

Just imagine the following scenario – tomatoes marinated in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, soft boiled eggs, avocado and rainbow chard all mixed together in one dish is one hell of a way to jumpstart your day. 


Well, that’s it. If your busy schedule is keeping you from making the time to have breakfast on your kitchen table, the ideas above will help get your daily dose of morning nutrients without having to spend more than 10 minutes on preparing it. 

Don’t forget to stop by Cornucopia in San Marcos, Texas to stock your fridge with the freshest ingredients that will make these quick breakfast dishes that much healthier.