Thanksgiving is a day to express our gratitude.  It is a day when people really stop to appreciate all they have and gather around the table with their family and friends and enjoy the meal.

It’s a powerful way to connect with one another.  

While this is usually a joyful time, people usually feel discomfort after the thanksgiving dinner. We know; it’s hard to control yourself not to overeat when all that gorgeous food is standing right in front of you, smelling delicious!

There is a way to not feel guilt, and still be stuffed. You don’t even have to skip any of the dishes. So, instead of sending you and your guests into an uncomfortable food coma riddled with guilt, treat them (and yourself) to a new kind of Thanksgiving experience this year.

Roasted Turkey

Ditch the dark meat completely. Simply roast or braise a turkey breast in fat-free broth. White-meat turkey is rich in iron and B vitamins which promote healthy brain functioning. Look for an organic turkey since it doesn’t contain antibiotics, pesticides, and reduces your exposure to GMOs.


You don’t have to say goodbye to gravy, just make a healthier version of it! Consider swapping out the flour for a gluten-free flour blend. Plus, it’s an easy way to accommodate your guests who can’t or won’t eat gluten.


Instead of traditional stuffing, you can make a sweet potato dish this year. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants! It’s easy to avoid consuming traditional sweet potato recipes that call for loads of butter, brown sugar and marshmallows – just add garlic and herbs to enhance the flavor. Try using parsley, thyme or rosemary!  


Since skipping desserts during Thanksgiving is not an options, you should, at least, consider using healthier sweetener options when baking. We all know sugar has addicting and inflammatory effects on the body, so this way you can reduce those effect. Try looking for a low-glycemic or natural sweetener option like stevia, raw honey or grade B maple syrup.

Green Vegetables

Colorful vegetables are often not included in many traditional Thanksgiving recipes.  Be sure to add a nice green salad or some cooked green vegetables to your dinner this year. This will make your table more colorful, but above all, your guests will be thankful for the digestive benefits of the change in your menu!