4 Foods That Keep Teeth Healthy

Developing good food habits is essential for kids, and that’s why it is one of the most critical tasks for every parent. Healthy meals and snacks are crucial for their overall health, but also the teeth quality. That’s why we decided to point out four foods that are the most beneficial for having strong and healthy teeth.

Crisp vegetables

So-called “chewing foods” are the best cleaners of your child’s teeth and gums. Those foods include cucumbers, raw carrots, celery, but also some other crunchy veggies. Spinach, for example, is excellent since it is a source of iron and beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant as well.

Plaque can build up between meals, and these foods will fight it and scrape it away. Of course, teeth brushing can also help with it, but kids might miss it sometimes. In the end, it would be wise to teach your children to eat and chew slowly. It is also a habit that can lead to many teeth benefits.

Apples and oranges

First of all, apples are excellent for the child’s overall health. On top of that, the whole process of eating and chewing apples is essential for removing plaque from teeth. That’s why it is a good idea to give your kid apples as an addition to lunch and snack time.

Oranges are the synonym for vitamin C. If children don’t eat enough fruits rich in vitamin C, they could develop bleeding gums, which can cause a lot of issues. 

Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt contains a natural probiotic bacterium that effectively fights both gingivitis and plaque. Low-fat variety is the best for a child’s breakfast. Yogurt is also a significant source of calcium, which is critical for having healthy teeth. You can always mix it with a few berries to make it more nutrient and tastier.

Nuts and seeds

The most significant role of nuts and seeds is the teeth protection against bacteria because they’re full of natural fats. The oils inside of these foods help with enamel strengthening, which makes teeth resistant to cavities. For instance, sunflower seeds have folic acid. It is a vitamin that reduces gum inflammation. On top of that, your kid will create a good habit of eating healthy snacks rather than ones that are bad for the teeth.

Remember, it’s all about developing good habits when kids are young. Food is one of the most significant aspects of life, and excellent food habits can keep their teeth healthy for a long time.